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Decorative potted flowers oil painting OP-FI10-234
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Decorative potted flowers oil painting OP-FI10-234: The painter took the daily potted-flowers as the major objection, then by application of brush he expertly drawed the outline . The whole painting sends out a strong sense of obscure beauty and pure flavour.

Fantastic scenes:
1. The topic is about daily potted-flowers.
2. The painting gave a description of potted-flowers in different background.
3. The painting was chiefly finished by brush.

Description: Paintings are a kind of art which is created for decorating life. Flowers have almost the same function, they have been regarded as a symbol of beauty, so many people are obsessed with flowers, and they took flowers as something niceful, something full of hope, full of vigour. Paintings about flowers are naturally among the best choices for decoration.

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