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Harmonious farmhouse view oil painting OP-CL5-32
Item ID: OP-CL5-32
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Harmonious farmhouse view oil painting OP-CL5-32: The painting was finished chiefly by brush, together with excellent painting techniques and classical colors. The painter took the admirable natural scenery as the major scenes and gave sufficient description about the details.

Fantastic scenes:
1. the beautiful natural landscape
2. the warm and and classical colors
3. the excellent combination of different views, thick colors with shallow colors.

Description: maybe we all have strong expetation towards having a vocation close to the great nature,  free from anxiety, sadness, and sufferings. The painting offers a comprehensive wide view of the beautiful lanscape which is a grand banquet for our eyes, and makes our heart peaceful, relaxed, and pure,  what's more, the beautiful landscape also fully reflect the harmonious relationship within the great nature, the dynamic beauty and static beauty are well combined and made each other stand out.

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