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Ceramic art-Lao tze: LaoZi is the name of a legendary Daoist philosopher, the alternate title of the early Chinese text better known in the West as the Daodejing, and the moniker of a deity in the pantheon of organized “religious Daoism” that arose during the later Han dynasty (25-220 CE). Laozi is the pinyin Romanization for the Chinese characters which mean "Old Master."   The earliest ascription of authorship of the Daodejing to Laozi is in Han Feizi and the Huainanzi, but several themes from the Laozi logia of the Zhuangzi are traceable into the Daodejing and on at least two occasions in that text Laozi counsels following dao (the Way) to possess de (virtue). Laozi became a principal figure in institutionalized religious forms of Daoism. He was often associated with many transformations and incarnations of the dao itself. His thinking has impressed people from one generation to another, and was regarded as a greatmaster of hunman spirit, in our high developing society, getting lost and being anxious is becoming more and more frequently, get closer to LaoZi, calm yourself down in a warm afternoon to learn about the long-past master, you will find something beyong yourself, beyong the era, far from the noisy world.
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