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Ceramic art-geisha: QinHuai River was the lagest lake of NanJing province, it consist of two parts, the inner lake, and the outer river. Famous people such as painter ZhengBanQiao,talented TangBoHu, the writer of "pilgrimage to the west" WuChengEn. It was a very famous river in china's long history, especially in Ming and Qing danasty, tourists who have been to QingHuai River are deeply impressed by the busy  ship and lights along the riverside, during the ancient time, QingHuai River are crowed with merchantship, singing girls, scholars and so on, for the singing girls, there are eight famous beauties who have been admired and eulogized for a long time, all of this girls were very elegant and intelligent, at their age, chinese history was witnessing the transition from Ming to Qing danasty, lots of chinese officials were afraid of death and were  willing to seek refuge with insurrectionists, but these girls were entirely differently, they showed their love for nature, and behaved very bravely, they made use of their talent to fight against the invaders, so when speaking about QingHuai River, people usually recall the singing girls along the river.
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