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Venus Anadyomene
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Venus Anadyomene (Greek - literally, Venus rising from the sea), is a c. 1520 oil painting by Titian, depicting Venus rising from the sea and wringing her hair, either after bathing or after her birth. Venus, said to have been born from a shell, is identified by the shell at bottom left. It is smaller than usual in birth of Venus scenes, such as Botticelli's, and is likely just an identifier rather than a sure sign that this is a birth of Venus scene. The voluptuousness of the Venus presented, and her sideways glance, also owes much to the Crouching Venus and Cnidian Venus types of antique sculpture. The wringing of her hair is a direct imitation of Apelles's lost masterwork of the same title. Titian deliberately included this detail to prove that he could rival the art of antiquity in which the goddess was also washing her hair — a fact mentioned in Pliny's Natural History.

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