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Galleon Oil Painting
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Galleon Oil Painting

Spanish galleon, a large three-masted sailboat used in the 15th century to the 17th century, there are usually two or more decks, especially the Spanish used as a merchant or warships. The most notable feature of the Spanish galleon is towering bow and stern deck. When the two ships side by side during the war, and its advantage is that it can be easily boarded enemy ships. It is scary castle-like appearance also played a role in the town of Granville in the psychological enemy, 50 pounds of artillery range of 400 meters.

Painter finished painting sailing use brushes mainly,then he draw three-dimensional effect of the waves using thick paint. Spanish galleon sailing can be described as one of the most legendary history. As Spain 16-17 century maritime hegemony microcosm, which is often reminiscent of the treasure, pirates,conquistadors and Armada.

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