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Pink Hair Girl Pop Art Paintings
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  • 20*24inch
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Pink Hair Girl Pop Art Paintings
Wow, what a wonderful girl, she is lovely and interesting.
Look at the hair, wow, pink, girls favourite! As a little girl, I like hair pink also.
Look at the big eyes, so beautiful, and too young too naïve.
Her mouth is very sexy, because she wear red lipstick., just like she wanna say kiss me kiss me kisssss me.
She rolled her eyeball, just like an good idea hit upon. But why her eyeball also color pink????
I have not idea,,,, do you know, if you know, can you just tell me why? 
May be pink eyeball is fashion currently, just I’m a old style girl, too conservative…. So 
I just can’t see any reason …
Do you like this girl???? Do you wanna have girl friend like this???
If you like this style, just buy it and I suggest you can hang in bed room Or living room.

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