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Poppy Flower Field Oil Painting
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This is an original Oil on Canvas Hand Painted Knife Landscape painting, there are a huge poppy flower field in the near side, some stone house And amazing seascape in the distance.

Look at the whole painting ,the color is bright, because the color consis of red, blue, and brown, and the line of the flower is also elegant., It looks very beautiful landscape,,we all like this painting, not only beautiful, but made people feel cozy., nice skill of the artist’s paintings, ah, you see these flicks, you see this line, in short, real good.

You can hang this painting on bed room..or children room. Living room.

If you have this painting in your room ,you will feel very cozy everyday ,And this painting is top quality.

I hope you like this painting. Now you can get this classic poppy flower field at special price for mom’s day, only 10 days.

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