About ArtsB2C.com

In our bebsite ArtsB2C.COM, we offer complete productive system, customer management system and sales system related to our coorperators.The following is the detailed introduction of the structure of our website.

1F. The Paintings for sale, we offer the process and crafts of our products in this part, it also acts a platform where our customers can get free access to selecting our products, making enquirements, and to communicate with our staff.
We are one of most populous oil painting supplies for package wholesalers all over the world, meanwhile we take it our great honor to offer service to decorative company, supermarket,and indivisuals.

2F. Printing products, in this part, our customber can get a close look at the manufacturing about our printing products, including thier excellent craftship and unique features.
Our custombers included not only the package wholesalers but also companies and indivisuals who have speciall demand for packing.

3F. Stock Arts, in the third floor, we show our oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories, including Abstract oil  paintings, Impressionism oil paintings, Still life oil paintings, Landscape oil paintings, Animal, Mediterranean Sea, Flower, Cottages Oil Painting, etc. Our painters are all talented artists with Bachelor degrees, museum quality is guaranteed. All of our oil paintings are hand painted with its special meaning. we offer immediate shipment at your offer.
Our products are especially wonderful choice for those who have strong appreciation for oil painting.

4F  purchasing mall, is our purchasing area, all kinds of speciall purchasing demand can be passed on to us in this part, and we will be willing to meeet your requirements, for customers who want to hunt for cheap products with high quality,  you can also refer to our purchasing mall.
Groups like wholesales purchasers all over the world, gift company, social association, and indivisuals are all wecomed to here.

5F  Original Art, products of high value, both of historical and for appreciative, are classified in group, like ceramic craft, oil paingting, and sculpture art. they are all of the original craftmanships, which can bring you wonderful enjoyment of the original beauty.


6F  ArtsB2C.com also have an Local Art, which is established mainly based on the demand of cyber cuetombers, and to help improve our quality of both products and services.
Custombers that are included in this area can be companies,  chambers, family and indivisuals that are in need of our products,We are looking for cooperators in this kind of business, and are willing to offer wide space for you development. Everything is possible, in you want to take this opportunity please contact us and we will try our best to offer you the best sales platform with the most competitive price.