Hot Sell
Brief introduction of artist:
 Artist WenShi, A professional painter. He was born in a poor family, but show strong interest in oil painting since his childhood. After learning after oil an excellent oil painting teachers for 15 years, he was outstanding enough to be admitted by academy of fine arts, which gave him another 6 years for further study, and improved his painting skills from material made to landscape judged comprehensively.
  After his graduation, he combined his abundant knowledge with personal inspirations from the real life, and created lots of wonderful artworks, which were warmly welcomed by both America and European painting lovers and the value rised ten times annual in local,besides he was regarded as one of the most potential and successfull young artist.
  WenShi performs various aspects of modern life with his unique artistic language and many years of solid oil painting skill in the world of painting.He has created lots of classical works till now, which highly recognized by fellow artists and fouder of oue company.His works had signed by us and the rights of promote the network had been solely responsible for by completely.
commentary from ,
highlights of his works,
1 creative based on contemporary life makes it easy to understand that his artistic language
meet modern view of life.
2 solid painting skills; can't be replicated; a successful painting work has not only a excellent theme but also unique and can't copy by others.
3 not too expensive and great potential of appreciation;collect a excellent painting work not only to buyer's own energy and communicate with language artist expressed as well as value rised of this painting.